Alexa Bliss created history in the WWE Payback

Alexa Bliss created history in the WWE PaybackAlexa Bliss won the Raw Women Title By Ankit PramodPosted 01 May, 2017After WrestleMania Alexa Bliss has created history in the first division of the PPV Peeback in the Women’s Division. Such history, which no one can ever create. Actually, Alexa Bliss faced Peleback against Bailey for the Raw Women’s Championship. In which Bliss won a great performance. With this win, Bliss has become the first world superstar, both of which have won the title of Women’s title, both Raw and SmackDown. At the same time, three times Bliss has become the champions of the champions. Prior to Payback, Number One Contender was played for the championship in Raw, in which Bliss qualified for qualifying for the title match by winning. After that, these two Superstar matches were played in this PPV. Although Bliss had always maintained control over Payback’s match Bliss has responded to every move of Bailey, and on the right occasion, DD Brar Bliss won the match and made his name his title.Prior to this, Alexa Bliss has made her title twice for the Women’s Championship in SmackDown. Since then, Bliss has moved towards SmackDown from the NXT, the superstar’s career has been fantastic since then. At the same time, in the shake-up with the superstars after WrestleMania, Bliss had to say goodbye to the Blue brand and had to start the new innings of his career with the Red brand. The kind of style Bliss found in SmackDown was also seen in the Red brand. Bliss asked for a title shot, not only did he get the position of number one container with his strength, and Payback’s victory is clearly showing how superb he is and superb of the heavy division of the division. After the win, Bliss also made a great photo shoot with the title of Raw. Well, Bliss won the title in Payback,

Source: Alexa Bliss created history in the WWE Payback


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