Sonarika bhadoria files a case !!!!

‘Parvati’ sent marriage offer, rejected and sent porn message

Youth arrested for sending porn message to serial ‘Mahadev’ Parvati Sonarika Bhadauriya who played the role of Parvati in the serial ‘Mahadev’ has revealed the issue of sending obscene messages and photos. Although the police has arrested the man, the disclosure in the inquiry is shocking. Police say that after seeing Mahadev serial, Sonarika, who played Parvati in Swapnil serial, started loving her mind with Bhadauriya and got some mobile number of actress in some way. Then started a series of porn messages and videos. According to Sonarika, Swapnil had written to him in the message that ‘I will not live without you, you will not marry me, I will die’. Sonarika had filed a case against him in the police on March 4 this year after being fed up with this shocking partly. The man has been arrested by the police from Gadchiroli in Maharashtra.The accused youth presented before the court on Friday. Where on the order of the court, he has been sent to the police custody till May 2. Police say the accused’s name is Swapnil Kirti (22), who resides in Karkheda village in Gadchiroli, Maharashtra and reads in BCom (Third Year).

Source: ‘पार्वती’ को भेजा शादी का ऑफर, ठुकराया तो भेजा अश्‍लील मैसेज– News18 हिंदी


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