why april fool’s day celebrated ?

why april fool’s day celebrated ? | why april fool’s day celebrated ?


april fools day is a also called as all fools day, one of the most sportive day, every prank taken so sportive,thoug its origin are not specific.Some believe it is celebration of the change of season where nature fools people with hot and cold weather conditions.While most of the people believe the calendar story here it is

In ancient culture both in hindu and roman , new year is celebrated in march ending ,that is around april 1st, this is because of vernal equinox . But in 1582 pope george XIII ordered a new calendar gregorian calendar, to replace old julian calendar, from there jan 1st became new year, not knowing this many have celebrated april 1st as new year celebrations on streets , other people started to make fun of them and it a became a fools day, not forgetting the old new year but still celebrating on other name.

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