Buzz around “Katamarayudu” intensifies

Buzz around “Katamarayudu” intensifies
The release of Pawan Kalyan’s Katamarayudu is right around the corner. Fans are celebrating the release of every new poster and every new song that is released. In fact, every piece of news surrounding the film is making everyone talk. It’s no wonder, considering this is the Power Star’s most awaited film as he comes back to the screens after a long while!
His teaming up with actress Shruti Haasan who was seen in one of his career’s biggest blockbuster, Gabbar Singh, is one more reason everyone is excited as they are hoping for a repeat of the magic.
Meanwhile, the numerous posters from the film which have been released are only helping in accentuating the excitement of fans who’ve been asking for more sneak peaks into the film of their favourite matinee idol.
Pawan is going to don a rustic, rural avatar in the film, a new avatar of his that has never been seen in his films earlier. In fact, the actor is donning mostly eco-friendly clothes in the film.
With so much to look forward to, it’s not really a surprise that the film is generating a lot of interest even so many days before the release. A huge release has been planned by CineGalaxy Inc in the US with premieres planned on March 23, a day before the release on March 24 (tentative). Theatres list will be published soon.

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