Geetha Arts, UV Creations, Studio Green Together Start New Production “V 4 Movies”

Geetha Arts, UV Creations, Studio Green Together Start New Production “V 4 Movies”
Expectations will certainly be high when a film comes from prestigious production house. Curiousity levels obviously get multiplied, if a film rolls out as joint venture from two popular production housrd.
Expectations are let to your imaginations when three top production houses join hands to offer us quality films.
Three top production houses – GA2 pictures (Division of Geetha Arts) led by Bunny Vas, Vamsi and Pramod’s UV Creations and Gnanavel Raja’s Studio Green are joining the forces to produce concept based films under their newly floated production house named “V4 Movies”.
These three top prestigious production brands are together to encourage concept-based, experimental and entertaining films under the new production house “V 4 Movies”.
They are adopting new-age making style to deliver films under this common banner and to motivate new talents in the industry.
 It’s known fact that Ace producer Allu Aravind is back bone for GA2 pictures and he will be the presenter for V4 movies, where in Bunny Vas will lead this new team from front.
This year they planed to produce 3 movies under the banner. Details of these films will be unveiled soon.

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